Friday, September 12, 2014

Update on Week 2

As this week's reading was quite intensive, we decided to break it down into two weeks.  This week we discussed Romans 1:18-31, and will follow up with Romans 2:1-16 next week.  There is a LOT of context, doctrine, and application packed into this relatively short passage of Scripture, and is especially challenging to tackle in less than an hour's time.

Having said that, we are off to a wonderful start!

Love in Christ,
Pastor Joe

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Romans 1:18-2:16

romans2 Our discussion of the book of Romans continues this week with Romans 1:18-2:16, a stinging indictment on the baser nature of mankind, of rebellion (and outright rejection) toward God, and of God’s anger toward sin.  It is not light reading, but this passage contains essential truths that we must face about ourselves, and about the very world Christ came to save.  It is within this darkness that the light of the Good News stands in brightness contrast.


What is one example of the world’s corruption, disintegration or decay that was evident to you in the past week?

  • How, according to Paul in verses 1:18-23, can all humankind know about God?
  • In verses 24-27, how has human life been distorted from the intentions of God in creation?
  • What would it be like to live in a town where all the people were like those described in verses 28-32, especially those depicted in verse 32?
  • Paul proclaims in verse 11 that God shows no partiality in judgment.  How does Paul then explain in 2:12-16 how this will be true for both Jews and Gentiles?
We’ll be discussing these questions and more this week at Christ & Coffee!

Love in Christ,
Pastor Joe

Disclaimer: These questions have been drawn from N.T. Wright’s study guide on the book of Romans, and are posted here to provide a general sample of the in-depth study each chapter entails.  Though the study guide is not required for participation in our weekly study, it is an excellent resource for advanced study of God’s word.